Amelia is a Tri-Horn Wyvern who was adopted by Jerrisa and Stormwing Cortonica after her parents were killed in a rebel attack on the Mountains. She was later sickened and killed by poison meant for Jerrisa.


Amelia wasn't developed very well, but Ima go ahead and explain her ~MW Amelia is somewhat unstable. Sometimes she can be brash and inconsiderate, other times she can be heartwarming and sweet. She is known to have sudden mood swings and can go from wanting to help someone to scorning them in mere moments. Sometimes she can be fearful, other times she will just about slap danger.


During the War of Lies / Fractious UnityEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Amelia was supposed to develop the ability to read faces to tell when others were lying and what they were feeling during EoT, but stuff happened.

Friends, Family, and Other RelationshipsEdit


Stormwing is Amelia's adoptive father.


Jerrisa is Amelia's adoptive mother.

Amelia's FatherEdit

Amelia's father was an alcoholic. He was also obsessed with his religious beliefs. Amelia loved him very much