Doctortear's avatar, a frame of Godzilla face palming from the back, "Who's Afraid of Godzilla?"

Doctortear is the creator of Dying Dynasties. She controls a large quantity of characters; such as Branwen Zeki, Shimmer Bauer, Snowflake, and Deacon Mulberry. She can be easily reconized by her avatar which is a blue billy goat. She is normally adressed as Doc or Doctor by just about everyone.


Current Characters:Edit

Branwen Zeki

Deacon Cyan Mulberry

Ethan Mellow


Shimmer Bauer

Future Characters:Edit

Saturn Zeki

Sproket Gears

Faer Lorne

Xayne Ehzno

Samhain "Sam" Pagan



Vale Newflight

Baston War

Merlin Fell

Trim Crowler

Casey Mabelle


High General (Current)

Kraken Morvel

Agatha Mulaca

Nazar Zeki

Kat Morphone

Melody Liveoak

Merciless Grayscale

Ember Freeflight

Scraggy Motlenshell

Walter Smith

Ormid Windborne


And a whole lot more....


  • Wrote the entirety of Dying Dynasties (the first story) in one sitting.
    • Had to rewrite Dying Dynasties in a single sitting when the entire page blanked out.
  • Plans things such as deaths and big plot points way ahead of time.
  • Absolutely despises people breaking the rules even when they have been warned time after time again.
  • Drinks a lot of water
  • Rather enjoys Classical music
  • Can play the violin
    • Should probably practice more
      • No, seriously, I need to practice
  • Quite enjoys helping people with their writing and/or drawings.
  • Thinks most spiders are cute.
    • Don't judge me
  • Gets unnaturally aggravated when people join, or try to join, a story, start a plot line, disappear, return, continue to log into the forums, and then never post.
    • Trust me, this has happened WAY too often for it's own good.
  • Has a Pitcher Plant name Florance.
  • Is one of the only people, along with Ayesthine, in the Godzilla fandom.