The Elite Night's Guard is a special variation of the Night's Guard. All of the characters in this guard are horribly mutated one way or another. There are varying ranks in this guard consisting of different levels of danger that each guard presents.


Level 1: Edit

This level contains guards who have lost the standard Night's Guard immunity to poison in exchange for a physically enhanced form. Retain normal intelligence.


All members of this level are deceased. 

Albino (No current name) Deceased

Harvest (No current name) Deceased

Level 2:Edit

This level contains guards who haven't changed much physically, but are still powerful foes. They can be found wandering Tantamount aimlessly.

Members: Ballon (No current name)

Deep Sea (No current name)

Level 3:Edit

This level contains guards who are highly mutated and powerful, but are mindless and dumb.

Members: Scraggy Moltenshell

Red (No current name)

Spitfire (No current name)

Level 4:Edit

This level contains powerful guards who show signs of intelligence. Rarely show their physical form.

Members: Black (No current name)

Level 5:Edit

This level contains three guards who have been modified to an extent where they are masters of the land, sea, and skies .

Members: Water (No current name)

Ember (No current name)

Skywing (No current name)

Level 6:Edit

This level contains wyverns who have been mutated to a powerful form.

Members: Seragamma Wyvern (No current name)

Nebula (No current name)

Tri-Horn Wyvern (No current name)

Level 7:Edit

This level is reserved for the extraordinarily fast pygmies of the Elite Night's Guard.

Members: Dark Myst Pygmy (No current name)

Level 8:Edit

This level contains highly dangerous guards who show a great amount of intelligence along with physical superiority.

Members: Terrae (No current name)

Turpentine (No current name)

Level 9:Edit

This level is reserved for the two-headed guards. Extremely dangerous, do not contact.

Members: Two-Headed (No current name)

Duotone (No current name)

Two-Headed Lindwurm  (No current name)

Gilded Bloodscale (No current name)

Level 10:Edit

This level contains powerful magic users who have gained extraordinary intelligence.

Members: White (No current name)

Gray (No current name)

Level X:Edit

This level is reserved for the captain of the Elite Night's Guard. No one knows what breed he/she is, nor do they know why he/she is so dangerous. All that is known is that this guard is more powerful than all of the others combined. It is trapped within the depths of Night and should never be unleashed onto the world above.

Members: ??? (No current name)