MasterWeavile898, also known as MW, Master, MW898, Weavile, Fridge Thor, Thunder Kirby, and
  • MW's minecraft Skin Avi
  • MW's Weavile Avi
  • MW's Tiki Avi
  • MW's Yancy Avi
  • Kickass, Singing, Dancing, Transforming, Green Haired Maiden of Destruction. AKA Meloetta
several others, is one of the main RPers in Dying Dynasties. She has several important characters, and has been seen sporting a host of avatars. She is also often known to destroy refrigerators with hand lightning. It has been jokingly hinted that she is not human. And she has claimed on multiple occasions to murder people so she can torment their souls.

MW's forum account


Used/In Use:Edit

Acharnos Cortonica

Trebos Veruvis

Stormwing Cortonica




Asterius "Aster" Petra

Possible Planned Charries:Edit

Vendetta Roshira


Harriet Cortonica

Erk and Serra

Firefly Guice

Jerrisa Cortonica

Amelia Cortonica




Nameless Mook

Jordan Sparkz

Numerous unnamed electrics

And many more...


  • Has shown an undying love of popcorn
  • Can be heard screeching WHY??!!  when people clearly break the rules, or the physics of the universe
  • Is totally an onmiscient god of the DD universe
    • Totally didn't write the above comment
  • Tends to say totally when she's trying to make an obvious lie
  • Should never be shipped with Doctor
  • Signs his PMs: With hope, Master
  • Is the Ninja Master, having been assigned to watch over Epic_Ninja_1 by Doctortear
    • Also the Pink Master
    • Though both of her charges are inactive
  • Is a bit of a Meloetta fanboy (Er, girl? This is far too confusing)
    • A bit being a major understatement
  • Her sanity may be questioned at times
  • Has a stupid mustache.