Raine is a female Soulpeace from the Kingdom of Beauty. She is roleplayed by Lilac_Lily.


Appearing quiet on the outside, inside Raine boils with anger. She is very cunning, and can easily slip a knife through a dragon's ribs. She likes to be where other people are, even though she talks very little. She tends to be impulsive, and high-strung. Raine tires easily.


Raine was born into the kingdom of Beauty. Her family was slaughtered by a rogue Sunstone when she was a juvenile. The Sunstone captured her, and beat her severly as punishment and entertainment. This event has sparked her hatred of Sunstones, a sentiment that heretofor has not had any impact.

Royal Blue named Alakair fought and killed the Sunstone the next day. He had tracked the Sunstone down for killing his lover, and in doing that, saved Raine. He took her to his home and taught her to fight and defend to the best of his abilities. Raine had worked under Alakair as delivery dragon for the duration of her association with him.

Raine is currently on a journey back to her home.

During the War of LiesEdit

Raine left Alakir when she decided to travel to the Kingdom of Sands. En route, she stopped in a town nearby the border. Here, she was almost captured, again, this time by a male Green when he barged in on Raine eating and forced her to go into an old house. Inside the house, he revealed he forced Raine's destination out of Alakir. Raine, in her rage that he'd dare to put a paw on Alakir, threatened the Green, and when he did not tell her if Alakir was well, she slowly slit his throat. She left for home the next day. When she arrived, she hurried to Alakir's shop, and found him dead in his bedroom.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Currently, no powers or abilities have been revealed, or hinted at.

Friends, Family, and Other RelationshipsEdit


Alakir saved Raine from an abusive Sunstone when she was young. As such, both Alakir and Raine have a strong bond with each other. Alakir was always teaching her, caring for her, strengthening their bond. He was killed by a Green after he was forced to give out Raine's location.