The Kingdom of Night is the kingdom shrouded in mystery. It is secretly located in a large underground cavern, right underneath some plains in the Kingdom of Skies.

Ruler HistoryEdit

Current Ruler: Branwen Zeki


An underground carvern full of bright blue, luminscent crystals that bring light to the city. Many tunnels are connected to the underground city and medium sized rivers course through the kingdom. Even though glowworms and glowing crystals help light up the city, the Kingdom of Night is extremely dark and requires all who go down into it to adjust to such a harsh darkness.

The capitol city is Mourshi.


The Kingdom of Night takes the best traits of all the kingdoms and combines them together. The Kingdom of Night uses clever, but not honorable, tactics to get what they want. The country is run by some form of monarchy in which the queen holds the power, but has  high ranking advisors to help her decide what needs to be done.

Native BreedsEdit

Notable CharactersEdit

Branwen Zeki

Cyeril Necare

Shimmer Bauer


Casey Mabelle


Parmulae Tracis

Ember Freeflight

Merlin Fell

Scraggy Moltenshell

Kraken Morvel


Nameless Mook


Vale Newflight