The Kingdom of the Jungle is the southern-most kingdom in Tantamount. The lush green kingdom is secluded and reserved.

Ruler HistoryEdit

Current Ruler: Queen Okapi Newflight


The Jungle is in the southern parts of Tantamount. The climate and structure of the jungle is like that of a rainforest. The entire kingdom is humid and in the inner most dephts of it are tropical areas. Springs, rivers, lakes, and waterfalls host the living area for the Shallow Waters that live in this kingdom.


The Kingdom of the Jungle is mysterious and an enigma. Many dragons from other kingdoms have strayed into the jungle. Few have come out alive. Inside of the kingdom, citizens are made oblivious to the outside world. Queen Okapi makes sure that no one in her kingdom has a great amount of knowledge of the war. Queen Okapi's efforts to keep her dragons ignorant is failing. Strangers from the outside world are entering the jungle, causing citizens to become curious.

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Notable CharactersEdit

Okapi Newflight