The Kingdom of the mountains is up to the North-east of every other kingdom. The only border it shares is with the Kingdom of Skies. It is the coldest territory in Tantamount

Ruler HistoryEdit

Current Ruler: Queen Renise (given)

Acharnos Cortonica (general;hereditary)

Stormwing Cortonica (usurper)

Ormid Windborne (hereditary)


The Kingdom of the Mountains contains the farthest reaches of the mountains. It is cold and rugged.

The capitol of the Mountains was destroyed in Harriet's violent attack.


The Kingdom of .the Mountains was the wisest and richest of all the kingdoms. Before the war, the Kingdom of Mountains was the stronghold for treasure. Many ancient artifacts and mounds of golden coin are secured in the royal treasury. Because of the previous peace and the reclusive location of the kingdom, the Kingdom of Mountains never drafted an army. Thieves and politicians try to while their way into the treasure vault, but none succeed. The Kingdom is in imminent danger of being destroyed from the inside.

As of the events of Dying Dynasties, the kingdom of the Mountains is all but destroyed.

Native BreedsEdit

Notable CharactersEdit

Ormid Windborne


Stormwing Cortonica

Jerrisa Cortonica
Amelia Cortonica